Trends in engagement technology

How can you increase the impact of the execution of your customer engagement strategies? Seeing the continued evolution of customer engagement capabilities in life sciences, there is a need to understand and plan for its future trajectory. The shift has been going from a necessity (call reporting and address management) to a strategic asset in […]

The Importance of Sales Enablement in Financial Services

The financial services industry is a highly competitive marketplace. In today’s highly commoditized financial investment marketplace, differentiation among firms is less clear-cut, yet the expectations of empowered investors are higher than ever. To succeed, financial firms need to implement a sales enablement approach that allows advisors to understand clients better, connecting with them on a […]

The future of customer-facing team engagement in Life Science industries

How can customer-facing team engagement contribute to business success? Engaging customer-facing teams (sales, marketing, MSL) hugely contribute to the success of any business across all industries, especially large enterprises that are facing heightened competition from both their equals and startups alike. The life sciences industry has an undeniable need for proper customer-facing team engagement, delivery […]

Sales Enablement’s Role in Upselling & Cross-Selling

B2B upselling and cross-selling involves recommending useful upgrades or additional products that complement a new or existing purchase. These upgrades or products will improve the value a customer can realize while in a buying mindset or after an initial purchase. Upselling can also strengthen customer loyalty, as well as their lifetime value. Organizations are 60-70% […]

Increasing New Rep Sales with Effective Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical step in ensuring that new B2B sales reps are able to hit the ground running and contribute immediately to a company’s bottom line. Research shows that companies which leverage automated sales enablement for onboarding reps realize a significant return on investment by shortening their time-to-revenue production, improving quota attainment, and decreasing […]

How sellers learn best

How can you improve sales rep performance? Consistent sales rep performance is the key to scaling revenue. One of the hardest challenges for sales leaders today is training reps to deliver consistent, repeatable revenue performance. Sales leaders today realize that sales playbooks, training and coaching are not helping sellers have more impactful customer conversations or […]

Digital Transformation in Industrial Manufacturing

How can you increase the impact of the execution of your customer engagement strategies? Industrial manufacturers rely on innovative products and value-added services to drive revenue and make a profit through direct and distribution sales. But it’s no longer enough for manufacturers to deliver great products. Today’s B2B shoppers expect excellent buying experiences, too. Confronted […]

Why you need data-driven guided selling

What if sellers could adjust how they engage with customers on the fly, with insight that would make them understand each customer and exactly where they are in their path-to-purchase? Today, intuition-based sales strategies are no longer sufficient to close deals. As data becomes crucial to seller success, sales reps must learn to use data […]