Segment, target and customize your engagements

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Learn how to segment target and customize your customer engagements. In your marketing and sales role it should be your ambition to deliver an omnichannel customer engagement/experience as the outcome of a customer-centric approach through which we aim to provide a seamless, unified and contextual customer experience, irrespective of the device, channel or […]

Omnichannel, what, why, how it works

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Get the tools you need to do omnichannel right from the beginning. Omnichannel provides a single, unified experience for the customer across different channels. It uses data that is personalized, flexible and universal, and can fit seamlessly into any channel relevant to the customer segment, thus creating a unique customer experience. Why? In […]

KPIs that matter in an omnichannel reality

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND You cannot manage what you cannot measure! Nowadays, as we see more complexity being added to our business, we strive for alignment, the orchestration of processes and measurement of cross-functional and hybrid working teams. The main reason why almost all enterprises are investing in digitization is the need to integrate and improve their […]

Industry trends of the Consumer Goods industries [2022]

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND In this webinar, Sally Sabet, the Head of Consumer Goods GTM for Pitcher, goes through seven industry developments of the last year for the consumer goods industry and what impact these trends will have on the future. Trends such as supply chain delays driving more streamlined operations and how the labor shortages are […]

How to train – in the new normal

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Discover how training can make a difference to your team and how hybrid training will look like in the future. In our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, many paradigms have been challenged, and so too have things that we thought were certain. In this turmoil of change, many jobs/functions have been […]

How do you align sales and marketing?

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Get the insights to better align your sales and marketing today. The pandemic and many business cases have demonstrated mercilessly that companies with good alignment between marketing and sales, focussed around patient and customer-centricity, outperform those where this alignment is poor or even non-existent. This is expressed through a substantial difference in: Net […]

Emerging role of medical marketing

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Discover the new role of medical marketing Today, more than ever, life science industries must focus more on how to better engage with their customers and patients. This becomes a key differentiator for marketing departments. The chief marketing officer (CMO) is getting a more diverse team to lead from brand management, to digital […]

Coaching for excellence

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND Get insights on how to develop and coach your sales and field force for excellence. The environment in which we operate is changing rapidly and requires the constant upskilling of our teams. Competition is intensifying, access to our customers is becoming more difficult as they seek sustained value contribution to their practices, digitization […]