Trends in engagement technology

How can you increase the impact of the execution of your customer engagement strategies?

Seeing the continued evolution of customer engagement capabilities in life sciences, there is a need to understand and plan for its future trajectory. The shift has been going from a necessity (call reporting and address management) to a strategic asset in planning, managing and evaluating customer engagement strategies and their execution.

Essential in this shift has been:

COVID-19 has accelerated this, causing loss of access due to coronavirus restrictions, a shift in HCS and Pharmco R&D and treatment, and a stronger reliance on digital engagement capabilities.

Pharmco has reacted with some coping strategies:

In order to support these efforts which, post-covid, are likely to continue to drive customer engagement evolution, the life sciences industry is looking for the engagement technology to cover their evolving needs, not just in terms of capability, but infrastructure too.

As the rising complexity of technology and the user-unfriendliness of the resulting engagement solutions continue to have a negative impact on the way engagement technology can support companies, they are looking for solutions to counter the impact of these developments.

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