Emerging role of medical marketing


Discover the new role of medical marketing

Today, more than ever, life science industries must focus more on how to better engage with their customers and patients. This becomes a key differentiator for marketing departments.

The chief marketing officer (CMO) is getting a more diverse team to lead from brand management, to digital marketing and medical marketing. Whilst the CMO will focus on developing the right strategies with the right partners today and in the mid to long term, medical marketing will have a more short to mid-term focus.

For life sciences organizations, which include drug and device manufacturers besides consumer health and biotech organizations, medical marketing leaders now often require a combination of marketing and therapeutic knowledge. Those skills have become critical, considering the complexity of customers in the life sciences ecosystem, including patients, payers, physicians and other partners. Medical marketing should consider what these parties need, how to build relationships with them through which on and offline channels, and ultimately, how to drive growth in this omnichannel reality.

The role of medical marketing is to bridge the gap between brand strategies and their execution by the medical engagement teams through the relevant channels in close collaboration with Medical & Scientific Affairs (MSA) and regulatory bodies.


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