Coaching for excellence


Get insights on how to develop and coach your sales and field force for excellence.

The environment in which we operate is changing rapidly and requires the constant upskilling of our teams. Competition is intensifying, access to our customers is becoming more difficult as they seek sustained value contribution to their practices, digitization is accelerating… The fight for the right profiles and talent has never been so harsh.

Attracting, managing, developing and retaining talent has become even more important for any business that focuses on creating and bringing value to their customers and their patients.

Coaching is a critical stepping stone in this arena. Effective performance-based coaching will result in:

The overarching intent of performance-based coaching is to help your sales reps consistently achieve higher levels of performance and confidence. As such, coaching must focus on the knowledge and behavioral competencies that drive performance and not on the quantitative results themselves. When competencies are developed, performance improves and quantitative results will follow.

It is a continuous process of collaborative goal setting, observation and structured conversations to develop the competencies sales reps need to improve performance in the short to long term.


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