Out-of-the-box integrations deliver a seamless sales enablement experience for your Revenue Teams. One interface for all customer-facing functionality and back office applications.

CRM Systems

CRM Systems: Complete Access Online or Offline

Pitcher provides complete, detailed account information for your Sales teams, online or offline, enabling flexible call planning and improved customer engagement. Pitcher automatically captures and updates engagement details into the CRM, slashing sales call reporting time while significantly enhancing CRM data quality.


Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Master Data Management

Pitcher extends its own analytics and access to Salesforce reports with seamless integrations with the leading BI, Analytics, and Data Management platforms to enable powerful decision support and business metrics capabilities, including facilitating AI-assisted reporting.

Sales Efficiency

Sales Automation

Pitcher integrates with the leading sales automation platforms, enhancing their capabilities and seamlessly supporting existing sales processes.

Content Systems

Content Repository / Content Management

Pitcher enables full integration with the leading platforms, including most CMS and DAM, and supports bi-directional files sharing with other external content repositories via the standard API – eliminating tedious duplication of effort.

Speed & Agility

Pitcher’s cloud-based automatic content conversion (ACC), is proven to save time and money. It allows enterprises to be more agile and flexible with content creation, distribution, and consumption, and save marketing departments and their agencies the valuable time they might otherwise spend reformatting files.

Pitcher is device agnostic, working equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We have a dedicated mobile app for Windows, Android, and iOS, available through each of the respective app stores.