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Four of the Top 10 Largest
Life Science Companies Power
Their Revenue Teams with Pitcher.

Fujirebio relies on Pitcher for compliant content management.

“We replaced another eDetailing solution with Pitcher for its deeper integration with Salesforce and our Microsoft Sharepoint CMS platform. Now our field teams are always using the most recent and relevant resources when engaging our customers. The positive impact of Pitcher is measurable.”

Christian Lindknud, Senior Global Business Mgr, Strategic Initiatives

Intuitive, Complete, Impactful.

Tightly coupling Field teams, Marketing, Sales Management, Sales Operations, and Compliance in one platform delights customers and drives revenue. Built on your CRM, integrated with your back-office systems, and using your established processes. 


Pitcher’s intuitive user interface presents everything your field teams need at their fingertips, online or offline, on whatever device they are using. Pitcher’s omnichannel capabilities enable communications in whatever channel the client prefers, with the protection of regulatory compliance filters. From pre-call planning (CRM review, AI-assisted “next best option” recommendations ) to live engagement (non-linear presentation prep, in-person and/or remote), to post-call automatic reporting with annotations into the CRM, to AI-powered automatic meeting critiques (tone, content, completeness, listening), Pitcher’s eDetailing solution is the field representative’s best friend.

Closed-Loop Marketing

Pitcher automatically converts static content into interactive HTML-5 materials and automatically refreshes the field teams’ devices. Pitcher tracks each use of the materials (what content, how long was the client engaged, how far did they progress, etc.). Marketing teams can continually measure and tune the effectiveness of materials, the AI assistant will learn best practices and provide coaching, and collaborating teams are always up to date. 

Medical-Scientific Liaison

Pitcher’s MSL capabilities help drive trusted relationships by serving up the most relevant interactive content while tapping into a multitude of internal and external data sources. Pitcher automatically tracks what content is discussed by individuals and organizations, removing the guesswork in preparing for the next engagement. Pitcher can apply AI to answer detailed questions on the fly, such as synthesis of data from multiple internal medical trials, facilitating more complete engagements.

Veeva Co-existance

Some Life Sciences companies have requirements beyond the core Veeva iRep platform, such as comprehensive in-trunk/warehouse inventory management, sample management, or CPG-like capabilities for the Pharmacy channel. Pitcher seamlessly extends Veeva’s capabilities.

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