Financial Services

Client Engagement Management with Compliant Omnichannel Communications, AI-suggested Content, and Fully Captured  Interactions.

“With Pitcher, our sales reps quickly find the right sales materials, and our marketing team is confident our customers are seeing only the most current, compliant content. And with closed-loop marketing, we are constantly tuning our content to better engage our customers. A goldmine for us.”

Kristin Massa, Digital Marketing Strategist, Principal Financial Group

Financial Services End-to-End Sales Enablement Means Business

Effective Advisors

With Pitcher, Advisors have everything they need to support clients – financial data, AI-driven next-best-action guided selling, the right compliant documentation,  interactive content, and more. An intuitive, single interface provides everything needed to build client confidence, offer the best-fit advice, and uncover cross-sell/upsell opportunities.  With regulatory filters on omnichannel communication, Advisors engage the way clients expect to be contacted. And with every action automatically captured in the CRM, nothing falls through the cracks. 

High Performing Managers

From onboarding to AI-assisted, automatic post-client meeting coaching to real-time performance insights, to AI-driven forecasting, Sales managers have the right tools to ensure their teams deliver their best outcomes for their clients and the business.

Marketing to the Client Journey

Pitcher’s content management system automatically converts static documents into interactive HTML-5 content. As content is updated, Pitcher automatically replaces documents throughout the organization, ensuring no client is offered out-of-date information. Pitcher’s closed-loop marketing tracks every client interaction in every document, creating client-specific insights that guide the next call while aggregating and employing AI to assist Marketing to optimize content that spans the entire client journey. 

Financial Case Studies