How to drive engagement with digital content management

The struggle to drive prospect engagement with your digital content can be staggering, and as we all know, appearance is critical to your team’s delivery in sales. Appearance, however, does not simply extend to how well they are dressed and groomed; other factors will be linchpins in the customer journey. Preparation and your rep’s facility for quickly finding relevant facts, brochures, videos and other presentation materials will determine customer engagement as well. All of these factors, and more will inform your potential and future clients’ likelihood of engaging and committing to what you have to offer.

The question then becomes: how do you package your marketing collateral and presentations so that your sales reps’ efforts and your content all combine into a consistent, on-brand and effective marketing package?


Get Ready to Go Mobile with Your Digital Content

Mobile sales enablement platforms will be the place to meet your client and will be one of the formats that show you are informed as to their expectations on mode of delivery. Underlining this is the fact that mobile adoption rates are known to have dominated all platform growth starting in 2014. TechCrunch reports an astounding 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions in 2015, with a predicted 6.1 billion fixed-line smartphone subscriptions by the year 2020. This means your clients will undoubtedly expect your materials to be readily accessible and transferable to their devices.

It won’t just be your clients expecting mobile access to marketing materials either. Millennials are a leading force in mobile adoption, from payment options to social interaction to the nuts and bolts of daily life. They have also become the dominant source of labor starting in 2015, according to the Pew Research Center. Combined with the knowledge that their demographic is 2.5 times more likely to adopt new technology than any other group, you can be sure your millennial sales members will be ready, willing, and able to execute mobile sales enablement solutions to their, and your, maximum benefit.

And while we’ve mainly touched on the importance of reaching your customers through their smartphones, Pitcher is also device-independent and can be used on iPads, smartphones, and laptops, so you can be ready to use your rep’s best tech as well as deliver to your leads in their preferred media in no time. Not only will you deliver a sharp presentation, but you will keep them locked on by wasting no time sending them the best of your marketing package.


Customization is King

If you handle it right, the dialog between you and your customers can become the lifeline of your business. To establish and maintain a healthy flow, customer feedback must result in change your customers can see.”

Inc. Magazine

So we know that your leads, and your teams, are living inside of mobile technology, and now we’re prepped to deliver to the culture of instant gratification. But are you ready to package your materials for the pitch in the most engaging ways possible?

The first step was to be ready to meet them where they want to be; the next one is to demonstrate that you know what marketing collateral best meets their needs. Are they interested in your videos, specific marketing brochures, or ready to dig deep into your whitepapers? Which subjects do they bring up in their comments and what are sales reps being told about specific materials during their client interactions?

Sentiment data through all channels should reveal trends on these matters, and your reps should be looking hard for clues to update the latest pitch and flag the best (and worst) marketing collateral. This amalgamation of data can be used to help shape the future of your digital content management strategy in the field and online, as well as provide customer-specific relevancy to individual pitches on the fly.

Pitcher, for example, provides a cloud-based mobile sales enablement platform that includes patented tools for gauging customer sentiment during your rep’s real-time presentation. This closed-loop solution gives your sales agents the power to assess customer reactions to different assets on the fly, and immediately updates their progress and the success of their content and delivery directly to home base wirelessly, from any device they are using. Not only will a content management solution help you customize the marketing package you need to deliver to your leads, but it will reduce time spent reporting results back to your department, giving your agents more time in the field.


Take Control of Your Content

Streamlining a company’s messaging in a single, consolidated hub consisting of marketing-approved materials keeps messaging consistent.


Effective digital content management and automation tools should give you what you need to update, edit and control the content you provide based on the live feedback you gathered through reps collection of customer interactions. Flag the worst of the materials for the bin and bump the best and most well-received presentation segments to the front. Don’t risk using poorly received collateral anywhere in the process and you will ensure customers are engaged right from the start, and that you maintain that attention up until you get to the ask.

Managing these digital assets isn’t a one-way street either. With Pitcher, you get the benefit of real-time feedback from customers via your agents, but you also control whether your sales agents’ feedback stays on-message and on-brand. Enter the necessity of document editing and version controls.

Marketers using Pitcher will be empowered to make changes suggested both by their own initiatives as well as rep input, and document controls empower them to enact meaningful updates using prospect-relevant data and materials. As each presentation is updated with the most relevant data from marketing and rep feedback, you eliminate the risk of giving the same information over and over to a client. Better yet, you can deliver your new, marketing-approved and feedback-informed presentations directly to your agents to continue to nurture those leads to the close.

If these changes weren’t made perfectly, their version tracking can let you roll back to the previous version. Best of all, with the oversight of your marketing department, the materials they release to your sales reps will ensure marketing has kept your message on-brand. 

Combining real-time feedback, updated marketing strategy and content, and delivering content to any device involved is the ultimate in modern marketing delivery. You will show that you know your customer, can meet them where they are and deliver assets that are tailored specifically for them. Marketing at this level will show that not only are your reps dressed well and know what engages them, but that they also come ready to deliver the perfect package.