Interview with Christian Stehle


Interview with Christian Stehle – Senior Manager Business Success & DPO at Pitcher
Q: Christian, how have you seen sales enablement change throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?
C: Before 2019, businesses had geared up their sales organizations and introduced sales enablement solutions, many with mobile device support. A rapid growth in integrations happened between sales solutions and backend systems. The economy was booming and sales effectiveness solutions were a must-have.
Then the world changed with the COVID-19 pandemic, and for many customers who could no longer reach out to buyers in the way they were used to, reaching simple sales objectives became a dramatic struggle.

Q: Christian, what happened to your customers? What challenges are they facing now?
C: The substantial problem is accessing customers remotely and reaching out to them. At Pitcher, we already had a real-time remote presentation tool in place which some of our customers were using– a first-on-the-market virtual meeting solution called ‘Pitcher Impact Live!’. This module, part of the Super App, allows sales reps to schedule, prepare and execute engaging online meetings and present their sales content remotely instead of in face-to-face meetings.

Q: Christian, why not simply use Zoom, Teams or Skype for remote presentations?
C: Well, Impact Live!’s capabilities allow you to connect with customers and potential prospects or leads within your own CRM, thereby securing access to objectives and sales targets. It offers seamless remote, online and offline interactions, virtual sales meetings and webinars. It is so easy to start and deploy, and the list of other benefits is long!

Q: And what about security and privacy?
C: Perhaps the biggest added value is that Impact Live! provides end-to-end security and privacy for data streams, which, together with Pitcher’s high-end symmetric private key encryption offers unparalleled secure interaction.

Pitcher Impact Live! has become a crucial success factor for many of our global customers. Planning, together with functionalities for perfect execution enables sales teams across various industries to excel in their jobs – even during such an unprecedented crisis.

Q: Thank you Christian

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