Biggest sales enablement trends and challenges, with Mert Yentur

pitcher_Mert Yentur_0037Biggest sales enablement trends and challenges with Mert Yentur, CEO of Pitcher

Mert Yentur, CEO and Founder of Pitcher, shares the story of Pitcher and the future of B2B sales enablement as he discusses these topics with Paroma Sen of SalesTech Star.

Today’s demands on sales reps and the last couple year’s recent shifts towards digital transformation and the hybrid reps, have changed the sales landscape forever.  How can sales organizations best leverage these new trends and create the ideal structure alignment internally? 


Key topics covered:

  • Sales enablement trends and challenges that are being seen across B2B sales globally
  • Changes to the sales-marketing approach in business-to-business
  • What it takes to drive a unified vision and prospect approach
  • How should sales leaders structure their teams and processes to optimize sales efforts

Listen to the full 20-minute interview below.


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