Pitcher Multichannel and Remote Engagement – communications your way

Pitcher Multichannel and Remote Engagement – communications your way


Everyone is different and (let’s face it) extremely busy. We all have different preferences in terms of how we like to receive communications. Furthermore, different stakeholders may only use certain apps and communication channels, so it’s important that your communications are tailored to your audience’s personal preferences and which channels they use most often.

Personally, I prefer WhatsApp these days, to the point where I get ever-so-slightly annoyed when someone messages me on Facebook Messenger or (God forbid) the ancient SMS text message…

Pitcher Multichannel to connect with customers their way

Did you know that Pitcher can enable a fantastically clever and useful multi-channel function that enables you to connect with your customers and stakeholders on the channel that suits them? It’s called Pitcher Multichannel.

Pitcher can integrate the Multichannel capability with your existing digital engagement platforms in order to complement face-to-face interactions with customers and stakeholders using digital means.

By employing a sales enablement platform, you can share valuable information with your stakeholders such as new content, articles, presentations, e-detailers, or videos tailored to them specifically. It’s a great way to ensure that your communications are on-brand, compliant, streamlined and all captured in one place.

The multichannel and remote engagement capability works as one single interface with multiple channels embedded, so you can conduct remote presentations with one or many stakeholders using audio, video and screen sharing, send pre-approved emails, SMS messages or pre-approved social media instant messages on the customer’s preferred messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram). If they are not interested in this, they can opt out at any time.

In addition, you can create instant or scheduled meetings with calendar invitations, co-browsing or screen sharing content, and audio/video conferencing, plus, the analytics can be captured in Pitcher Insights (our powerful analytics tool).

Connect with Pitcher Impact Live!

What’s more, another capability called Impact Live! will allow you to connect with customers and potential prospects or leads within your own CRM, thereby securing access to objectives and sales targets. It offers seamless remote, online and offline interactions, virtual sales meetings and webinars.

For example, you can easily initiate a screen broadcast from your device with just a few taps. Webinars and webcasts can also be used. As an example, you can have up to 100 participants in broadcasting mode and use the chat function for conducting Q&As. The webcast can be scheduled in advance with calendar invitations and the data from the cast can be captured in Pitcher Insights.

Content sharing to preferred channels 

With the Multichannel capability, when you want to share a piece of content from the Pitcher Super App, you simply choose the piece of content, pick the email template from the menu, and select your recipients. You have the option to filter based on different stakeholder segments (e.g. nurses or doctors) and then send the message with the content to the recipient on their preferred channel. (You can also bypass this and send your message on good ol’ email too!)

So why is Multichannel a good feature, you might ask? For one, the pandemic has led to omnichannel interactions (which were already a growing trend before) gaining steady ground.

McKinsey’s research on B2B decision makers confirms that omnichannel is not simply a trend; it is a “critically important fixture for B2B sales globally”. Today, ​buyers demand access to multichannel communication modes, covering in-person, remote and digital self-service options. These features enhance the customer journey and add to a positive experience overall.

Your audience is more likely to engage

Also, since you are messaging people on their preferred channel, it increases the likelihood that your message will be read and responded to in a prompt fashion, and engagement should be higher than usual.

It’s also easier! Your team will no longer need to switch between apps in order to engage customers remotely through video and audio. Customers can join a call from their browsers or mobile devices and view what the user is presenting from Pitcher. Not only will they be able to see and hear the rep, but they can also interact with the content as if they were sitting next to each other.

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