Millennial reps and your automated sales enablement

As the Millennials include themselves in Omnichannel engagement at a furious pace, gearing them to drive sales should be a priority

It is common sense that before you can engage your customers and convince them to buy into a meaningful value proposition, the sales team making that proposition has to be trained to do it in a compelling way. Turning prospects into new customers means first tuning into their wavelength, and a sure way of doing this is being attuned to the rep receptors that trigger the right reactions. Never is this principle more pertinent than when it comes to the millennials – an integral rep category for communicating effectively in the ever-prevailing virtual environment. They are indeed practically indispensable when it comes to empowering modern sellers, thereby shaping the future, and shouldn’t be ignored.


Traditional training models are going the way of the Dodo, where storage of information is a turnoff to younger team members. Millennials want to discover, replicate, and automate with speed for the most part: plugged into the ways of digital data stations like Google and YouTube from adolescence -it’s in their intellectual DNA. It makes them sharply receptive to innovative content that impacts sales but only when needed, and only when aligned with real circumstances. In other words, they are into knowledge on-demand as the quickest time to value. 

So, it’s accurate to say that millennial attention is dependent on sales training methods offering all-in-one solutions that are intuitive, easy to navigate, and only demonstrate the highest performing content as and when connected to current, real situations. Furthermore, communications should be brief and to the point with content transcending polish. Other things that resonate with them are 3D and Augmented Reality Solutions and the all-important concept of “trust”: millennials place their trust in the so-called “sell-smarter” sales pitches more easily if they emerge from multiple sources. They simply look at single-source information with a good dose of skepticism – even if in reality it’s accurate.

Aside from taking Millennial characteristics into account, the truth is that they arguably are the best drivers of a more efficient and effective sales team – given our dynamic and fluid marketing environment. The modern B2B buyers do not have the patience to wait for solutions once detected; they expect the rep – as their trusted advisor – to deliver value fast, which means unique and ready answers to sticky questions. It gives the term “thinking on your feet” a whole different meaning. This necessitates providing the sales team with easy to access, data-driven content recommendations on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Pitcher is an organization with a mission to deliver the right message for every conversation. Thus, it aims directly at the heart-and-soul of millennial recruitment and advancement within the sales force. The Pitcher approach is geared to ROWE (results-oriented work environment), which creates unheard-of flexitime dimensions. Moreover, its technology rests on “learning while doing” for a better personalized buyer experience, with a single interface containing the power to Grow revenue faster. JIT (i.e. just-in-time) learning with simple search features and bite-sized e-learning videos scatter obstacles like ten-pins in a bowling alley. Pitcher sales enablement solution is available to millennial sellers minus confusing and frustrating search convolutions. What is more, its solution integrate straight into the CRM as they are added in. Pitcher concentrates on bringing functionality to line up with user needs in the most optimal way.