Omnichannel for the life sciences industry [Video]

Omnichannel marketing for the life sciences industry [Video]

Omnichannel customer engagement for the life sciences industry [Video]

Now that we are in the “new normal”, omnichannel is a key strategy for any business (as a part of your sales enablement strategy) wanting to improve their overall customer experience. 

With omnichannel marketing you can ensure that the experience that your prospects and customers have with you will be smooth. 


How do you implement omnichannel in your life sciences business? 

There are many questions that you need to answer before embarking on your omnichannel journey, such as: what are your strategic goals, what is the optimal mix of channel/time/content/frequency/tools and insights? How do you measure your efforts in the best way? 

A while back, we held a webinar on omnichannel; marketing, led by Dirk Abeel, ex Global Medical Sales Director, Reckitt; and Ian Ballantyne, Sales Director, EMEA at Pitcher.  It aims to answer some of the above questions and discusses what critical steps you need to take to make omnichannel real for your organization.

Watch our on-demand webinar below on “Operationalizing Omnichannel and improving customer experience in Life Sciences” below! 


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