Mobile sales enablement: content, readiness, and benefits

Mobile sales enablement: content, readiness, enablement and engagement, anytime and anywhere


The information that today’s buyers and customers have access to demands that sellers themselves are well-informed, providing complete answers and offering more personalized content at every stage of the customer journey. This is why the selling practices of today need more guidance and deeper training to ensure faster reactions via omnichannel engagements (email, chat, phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, face-to-face, social channels, groups, communities and many more).

Digitally transforming the processes of customer-facing and revenue teams is a must. So how can you enable your teams to become more digital, data-driven and effective?

Mobile sales enablement technologies are key for customer-facing teams to be able to deliver upon strategy, personalization, storytelling, customer experience and hybrid journeys.

Mobile sales enablement empowers your teams and allows your reps to:


  • Easily access customer data anytime, anywhere to prepare their interactions by integrating your existing ERP or CRM with your field applications for better visibility and a 360-degree customer view.
  • Easily access sales content and marketing collateral anytime, anywhere to engage customers. Reps can easily search for content, personalize messages and track the impact of their interactions.
  • Easily access the channels they need to reach out to your customers anytime, anywhere. Plus, they can always stay compliant.
  • Follow up on their engagements quickly and easily.
  • Report and automate their feedback where possible and save time on interactions.
  • Build on their skills by accessing learning and coaching materials anywhere.
  • Repeat their best actions and share best practices.


  • Make more data-driven decisions and meet their quota faster.

According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Pitcher report, the benefits of mobile sales enablement platforms are undeniable today and the outputs can be very well measured:


  • Field representatives save 45 minutes a day on administrative tasks: “Pitcher’s integrated solution with CRM systems streamlines data entry for sales reps. Not only is it easier to physically enter data in real time, but it also improves data quality around critical administrative tasks like meeting activities and outcomes such as sample and order management. Pitcher’s offline capabilities ensure that network interruptions do not disrupt the data flow from the front lines to back-end systems of record.”
  • Digital document creation, distribution and housing reduce print spend by 71.5% annually: “Pitcher allows organizations to author digital content to replace paper materials. Pitcher’s proprietary technology allows for unlimited creation of HTML5 content from standard file formats, which ultimately brings more content creation in-house and away from expensive agencies. This reduces printing costs for sales materials as well as the associated agency costs from creating and distributing those materials.”
  • Marketing teams become 50% more productive with time spent on content creation: “Marketing teams benefit from frontline sales rep data around content engagement. One executive described the resulting benefits: “Having data on what and how materials are being used in sales cycles means we end up creating far fewer materials, but with much higher impact.” Organizations can refocus marketing efforts on high-impact materials while minimizing time spent on content creation overall and improving output quality.”


Get a full overview of the benefits of mobile sales enablement measured on 6,000 reps.


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