How Apple and iOS supercharge your sales enablement


Every year, Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system, iOS. Earlier this fall, Apple released iOS 10 for use on the iPad and iPhone, which made many improvements to enhance the user experience.

Yes, we understand that you can now use more emojis, read the news and experience your music like never before. Those are certainly great functions, but iOS 10 also has several new features that are sure to take your mobile sales enablement efforts into overdrive.

Here are the three exciting features our sales enablement software does for you on your iOS devices:

Map integrations let you know exactly who, where and when to meet.

Your field sales representatives are constantly on the go. They want to map out their day by looking at which locations they need to visit in the most efficient manner possible. Today, mobile sales enablement applications use data from your CRM to map out specific locations by integrating Apple Maps into the interface. Your reps can then effectively view their territory and visit each location.

Some of you may be Apple Maps skeptics ever since it discontinued Google as its default mapping solution. Yes, the first “Google-free” version of Apple Maps was inconvenient to use when iOS 6 was released in 2012, but Apple Maps has made significant improvements since that launch.

In our platform, Apple’s latest version of Apple Maps gives users reminders on when to leave for their next appointment and offers more accurate traffic alerts than ever before. These maps are integrated seamlessly into our software. 

Mobile sales enablement solutions gather appropriate location information to provide precise customer and prospect  locations to its users. Apple Maps then uses that information to give your reps timely reminders and accurate directions so that they arrive to their appointments on time and make a great first impression.

Integrated push notifications allow you to perform actions on your sales enablement app without interrupting your other apps.

What’s the good news about push notifications? They notify you when you receive communications via text message or voicemail. The bad news is that you often get a notification for every single interaction to the point where you see out of date information and you may even receive notifications that interrupt other parts of your mobile experience.

Apple has improved its push notification system significantly with iOS 10. It now shows a user only relevant actions on each app. You can also perform app tasks from the home screen without interrupting what you were previously doing giving the ability to perform actions on the notification screen.

3D Touch gives you quick access to your most frequently used actions on your sales enablement app.

Apple iOS comes with additional “pressure sensitive” capabilities that previous versions did not have. One of these is 3D Touch, that allows users to quickly access frequented functions of their applications by pressing on an app icon with high intensity. It is similar to “right clicking” on a Windows computer or hitting control-click on a Macintosh.

Mobile sales enablement applications also allow you to access your most frequently used actions when you deploy the app using 3D Touch. This saves valuable time when your reps are about to deliver presentations or when trying to see which customer they’ll be visiting next, for example.

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