G2 Names Pitcher #1 in Enterprise User Adoption for Sales Enablement

G2 Names Pitcher #1 Highest Rated in Enterprise User Adoption for Sales Enablement and Recognizes Our Momentum and Global Growth in Summer 2021 Grid® Reports


B2B sales teams experienced more directly than many the impact of the pandemic and the swift shift to remote work. For sales teams around the globe, the goal of effectively engaging customers with compelling content didn’t change; what did change was that suddenly reps were limited to a virtual-only channel.

Omnichannel sales models have seen acceleration in adoption in recent years, but the pandemic highlighted the need for enterprises to invest in strong virtual channels to match in-person ones.

After a year of mostly remote interactions, enterprises are looking for omnichannel sales solutions, in part because of their flexibility, but also because they are an essential part of the new normal of B2B sales. Recent studies from McKinsey and Bain find that virtual selling is equally or even more effective than in-person selling; that it works for larger deal sizes; and that it is here to stay long after the pandemic is over.

At Pitcher, we’ve created the Super App – an end-to-end unified sales enablement platform that covers the applications and functions that sales reps need to sell, across whatever channel their customers want.

Our mission is to help sales teams deliver:

  • the right message,
  • to the right person,
  • on the right channel,
  • in the right way,
  • at the right time,
  • all while not increasing interaction cost.

We’re thrilled to report that it seems we were successful. Earlier this month, Aragon Research Names Pitcher as an Innovator in the 2021 Globe for Sales Enablement.

Adding to that honor, G2 just listed Pitcher as #1 Highest Rated in Enterprise User Adoption for Sales Enablement in the Summer 2021 Grid® Reports, demonstrating that enterprise sales teams increasingly view our Super App as an essential tool for marketing, sales, and field teams. Pitcher’s momentum and market presence saw strong growth among other reports and indices and we expanded our G2 footprint with inclusion in two new reports.

Specifically, Pitcher:

  • Earned the very top spot (#1!)  as the Highest User Adoption product in the Implementation Index, earning the highest User Adoption rating among all vendors.
  • Moved up two spots, a 13% increase, in the Sales Enablement Relationship Index: Enterprise. Pitcher also moved up six spots on the Sales Enablement Relationship Index.
  • Increased our rating in market presence in the Enterprise Grid for Sales Enablement, from #5 to #4 in Niche vendors.
  • Increased our Momentum Score by 20 points in the Momentum Grid Report for Sales Enablement.
  • Improved our standing in the Sales Enablement Implementation Index.
  • Moved up five spots in Sales Enablement Usability Index.
  • Expanded our G2 presence in two new G2 indexes: the Enterprise Usability Index for Sales Enablement and the Enterprise Implementation Index for Sales Enablement

G2 offers an unbiased platform for users to share their successes and disappointments, allowing us to see what’s resonating, how we should direct product development, and how we can improve functionality.

Interested in Pitcher? You can hear directly what our users on G2 say about us, like:

“Having the Pitcher app between the hands of our sales people increased their efficiency in a tremendous way, they started even enjoying their daily activities more, and in addition we started (as Management) having more accurate reports and taking better business decisions based on better understanding for our markets. The cherry on top of the cream is Pitcher support team response is always professional and on time.”

“Pitcher offered us a great quality of service. We have been impressed by the reactivity of their teams and we appreciate how flexible their platform is to adapt to the specificities of our sales process.”

“What do you like best? How easy the application is to use and maintain.

What do you dislike? Nothing, this solution is exactly what we were looking for.”

“We have done an extensive review of all the Sales Enablement solutions and have found that Pitcher had by far the best and tightest CRM integration. . . Next to full offline integration (incl. any updates we make on our CRM) we appreciate their innovation and vision around Sales Enablement as a monolithic app for sales people.”

Thank you to all our users and customers for choosing Pitcher, providing honest feedback, and taking the time to share your experience. And thank you to G2 for this remarkable recognition of our growth. For the rest of 2021, we’ll continue to innovate to provide continuous value by dramatically increasing the ease of use across all different tools and applications to help our customers close business.

Interested in finding out how Pitcher can streamline your sales?