Financial service reps equipped with automated sales enablement

Financial Service reps equipped with Automated Sales Enablement is the best way to deal with the most stressed clients

Financial services covers retail & commercial mortgages, equity investments, life insurance, bonds, and retirement planning (integrating all the prior-mentioned), etc., These markets are typically pounded by politics, regulation changes, price fluctuations, interest rate movement, and currency inter-relationships that can shift important indexes by huge percentages in seconds, and maybe many times in a day.

As a modern financial services rep, you need to embrace rapid change to engage your customers. You must be prepared to momentarily adjust your pitch to align with current data that may ruthlessly outdate yesterday’s projections without missing a beat. Turning prospects into new customers or maintaining established customers’ confidence in you is dependent on being able to anticipate their most difficult questions.


Professional Sales Enablement levels sudden crises as they occur  

Imagine meeting with a client to overview his or her stock portfolio on the 3rd January 2019 as the Dow index drops by 600 points. It’s a serious challenge to present a meaningful value proposition as a trusted advisor when faced with a toxic mixture of anxiety, possibly anger, and pent-up frustration. The client expects any rep responsible for the health of a significant part of its wealth to deliver fast value. This means responding incisively to emerging dilemmas that beg for instantaneous, data-driven content recommendations that address the market volatility bombarding the stocks. When asset values are in the millions of dollars only the highest performing content is acceptable to calm the waters.

Another stressful situation may be a property investor facing foreclosure in need of bridge/mezzanine financing to stabilize the real estate. Direct access to the most relevant funders, their requirements, lending methodologies, and relative interest rates for different loan structures is the key here. This empowers modern sellers (i.e. commercial mortgage brokers) to dig deep into the most innovative content available that ultimately will impact the sale of a crisis solution to the client. In both examples, the big thing that counts is knowledge on demand and the representative’s ability to provide the quickest time to value. The stated issues are endemic in the financial services arena and the demands made on advisors to discover, replicate, and automate resolutions with speed are a given in the industry.

Upgrading to an Unbeatable Sales Pitch

You want to leave your client feeling that you are an advisor with a seamless ability to capture runaway variables and bring them under control. You are judged on impressions, and one of the most decisive is appearing to anticipate all the raised issues before coming in – the opposite indeed of creating new stresses with standard utterances like “I’ll get back to you on that”. This categorically requires a system that can consolidate all the bits and pieces coming from diverse places (which left alone are confusing and only add to fear). You need to demonstrate that you have the all-in-one solution that is capable of addressing any eventuality. To do this requires data convergence from multiple sources, which, in turn, calls on advanced “Sell Smarter” technology. Financial services teams providing a world-class client experience know how to navigate intuitive sales enablement platforms; ones that get right to the crux of the matter with 3D and Augmented Reality Solutions, on any device – no matter where. The audience may be big or small so your pitch should be versatile enough to communicate effectively either way.

Clients’ mindset often presumes that charts, PowerPoint visuals, brochures, and documents are regurgitated, standardized “bumpf.” Sales enablement that performs the task of customizing sales tools with personalized logos on all customer-facing presentations, as and when needed, go a long way toward disavowing skeptics of these negative views.


Financial Services is meaningfully different from any other industry you can think of in the sense that regulations are essential factors when considering any client presentation. Accordingly, sales enablement programs must be administrator-friendly, allowing for the injection of regulated limitations wherever they apply in the customer interaction. Management should be rest assured that the system is virtually controlling and guiding the rep’s pitch to be unique but at the same time compliant in all salient respects. This is especially important where products overlap, and more complicated again when jurisdictions with different rules intermingle with the same. Anticipating every eventuality enables the content to be structured in a “cocked-and-ready” way for any rep stepping into complex situations, without getting obstructed by compliance concerns.  

Pitcher is a company equipped to help financial service marketers deliver the right message for every conversation. Its approach rests on a better-personalized buyer experience, with a single interface that has the power to grow revenue faster. JIT (i.e. just-in-time) learning with seamless search features and bite-sized e-learning videos traverse client queries effortlessly. Pitcher sales enablement materials can be easily customized to every financial services scenario you can think of. What’s more, every vendor’s products integrate straight into the CRM as they are added in. Pitcher concentrates on bringing functionality to line up with user needs in the most optimal way.


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