Death by PowerPoint – empower your sales team to do more


Many sales teams rely on PowerPoint in their presentations. Yet, people who’ve endured a terrible PowerPoint presentation will tell you they’ve experienced a range of emotions while sitting through one – boredom, frustration and, quite possibly, anger.

Rethinking quality content is something marketers should consider. Quality content provides more than just a great way for marketers to connect with new audiences—it also helps sales representatives be more productive. For instance, creating multimedia presentations with embedded videos and other content that’s personalized to each customer and prospect can empower sales teams to accomplish more.

So, in the age of the internet and digital images, what can successful companies do to leave their audiences and prospective customers feeling a little less zombie-like? In our opinion, it’s certainly worth considering the many different ways marketing and content enable sales teams to do their jobs more effectively.

Don’t be a victim; continue reading to find out how to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint.’

Add multimedia to presentations.

Technology is constantly evolving, and sales and marketing teams are becoming more and more dependent on that technology to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives. Creating multimedia presentations with embedded videos personalized to each customer can greatly help empower your sales teams to do what they do best.

Experiment with different ways to illustrate your points through photos, demos or videos. We all learn in different ways, so why not mix up your media and engage your audience through multiple senses.

With a mobile sales enablement and closed-loop marketing solution like Pitcher, for instance, users experience a complete solution that gives them access to all the information and workflows required to perform their tasks effectively, as well as report back for greater enterprise insight. In addition, a mature CLM solution will enable users to create custom prospect sales experiences that deploy multimedia communications to help sales and marketing teams leverage deep industry knowledge, which results in improved technology-based sales productivity and competitive differentiation.

In addition, when using a mobile sales enablement solution for sales presentations, analytical and call-based customer behavior data can be collected and maintained while they view fully interactive content, enabling an even greater understanding of future marketing and sales efforts.

Resonate with great visuals.

Furthermore, presentations should be visually captivating. Avoid the vicious cycle of bad presentations leading to bad relations, which leads to fewer sales and so on. Combining storytelling with great visuals will help your message resonate. If you like organizing your presentations in PowerPoint but feel as though it’s not creating the eye-catching effect you desire, it’s worth checking out different presentation solutions that can maximize the visual experience.

Tailor to your audience and context.

Choose your medium and your message based on the audience and the context of the presentation. Sales enablement solutions like Pitcher offer approved and rule-governed marketing and sales processes and materials like brochures, publications, iDetails, 3D visualizations and movies, as well as the ability to create custom flows combining them all.

Hone your sales team’s delivery.

Put thought and energy into rolling out a new presentation to your sales team and helping them hone their delivery. Instead of a one-size-fits-all presentation, a mobile sales enablement solution can allow you to adapt your presentations to the prospect’s need and make on-the-go updates and adjustments.

As we continue to move further into the digital age, we must recognize the effect that technology is having on business. Although we can count on technology to constantly improve, the only thing keeping individual companies and businesses from trailing behind is the willingness to improve, as well. Combining the human aspect with a complete solution that enables insight, engagement, action and perpetual improvement, all parties benefit.

In such a competitive marketplace, salespeople need persuasive and complete tools to make strategic decisions, identify new opportunities, and convert them into success. The sales presentation is one of the most important tools available. When done well, a sales presentation can help build a connection with potential customers and distinguish your business from competitors.

Sales enablement and digital content management software can unify marketing and sales teams and help companies increase ROI. With help from Pitcher, organizations can use cutting-edge technology to power a modern, digitally enabled sales force and sales presentations. Comprising an all-in-one solution, Pitcher’s product suite solves the many complications sales and marketing teams experience today.

Pitcher is a mobile sales and digital content marketing and sales enablement solution for streamlining customer interactions and engagements providing content, collateral, tasks, activities, team collaboration, data collection, reporting and more. With its intuitive, graphically rich mobile sales enablement solution, Pitcher enables companies to better manage sales and content performance.

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