The holy grail of content personalization with mobile sales enablement


Mobile sales enablement platforms allow your sales and marketing teams to collaborate with each other like never before. Sales representatives can also work with their mobile devices and deliver interactive presentations with them. And when your reps are working primarily on their mobile devices, it allows them to focus on closing deals instead of loading presentations onto their computers. Your marketers can then learn about the outcomes of their leads immediately. With those real-time results, your marketers can continue with campaigns that are performing well and make adjustments to those that aren’t.

In today’s increasingly digital and mobile environment, you must personalize your content towards your customers faster and in more detail than ever before. Here are some ways that mobile sales enablement platforms help you to do just that.

All content and vital information syncs with your CRM.

CRMs provide a wide variety of data sources for you, from contact information to expense reports. Mobile sales enablement platforms provide seamless access to your CRM for your sales reps to use during appointments.

So, how does this work for Pitcher? When your reps launch our app on their tablets and smartphones while on a wireless internet connection, they automatically sync with your CRM to get the latest updates on all of your prospects. If there is a status change for a customer, that would then seamlessly change the type of content he or she would receive between updates.

Marketing controls which pieces are sent to each customer and when they are sent.

Sales and marketing professionals rely on many types of documents to generate leads and close business. It is necessary that these documents are appropriately reviewed by the right team members, and that the documents are easily accessible by colleagues across both teams.

Your marketers specifically need document access control for two main reasons. First, with document access control the marketing team can keep your sales message up to date. Second, each piece of content you have could be very effective for one customer and equally ineffective for another.

Mobile sales enablement platforms allow your marketers to do just that. One of these tools is content tagging. Content tags arrange your content in any way you like—from the medium (video, infographic, presentation, etc.) to the topic. Next, your marketers can specify which content pieces your sales reps should present to customers.

The result is that each customer sees only relevant content for each specific meeting and that goes a long way toward creating a great first impression.

Sales reps have edit access to make necessary real-time changes.

Key message personalization isn’t only syncing data and getting the right presentations at the right time. It’s also the ability to be flexible to make changes on the go through mobile devices.

Enter the world of tailored messaging for each customer. Reps will have the flexibility to customize the message flow by rearranging the content or adding data from the CRM into the presentations to create impactful discussions. It can be a little frustrating for a rep to review a presentation right before an appointment, only to see that there is a key talking point—specific to one customer—missing. The omission isn’t a typo, but it is still a key talking point that could help make the presentation just a little bit better than it was before.

With a solution like Pitcher, reps can do just that and marketers can decide how much flexibility their reps can have by assigning different rules to different users. Once altered contents are executed and have yielded a positive outcome, marketers will learn from those best use cases and share with other reps with similar customer profiles.

Start personalizing your content like never before.

Now you know a bit more about how mobile sales enablement platforms help you customize your content to your customers like never before. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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