How to take control with a content automation platform

  1. Yes, your sales teams need to work more efficiently and ensure that the content they are working on is relevant and resonates with your prospects.

    But, if you are still managing your content manually, and are struggling with distributing your content in a timely manner, then you need an intuitive content automation platform. The same goes if your organization has trouble accessing approved marketing content, or if targeting your content is challenging.


    What is content automation?

    Essentially, content automation is removing human intervention from content related tasks, by using digital systems and technical processes. You’ll save time, effort and money as a result of the elimination of human input in certain areas. And, it can ultimately help to drive consistency and increase the positive experiences that your prospects have with your brand.

  3. 7 reasons why content automation is important

    Today’s B2B prospects are discerning – they’re busy (just like you and I) and expect relevant, engaging and up-to-date content. For your sales teams, that often means having to produce or share even more content, often without having the means to do so. 

    As part of your sales enablement strategy, content automation is important for organizations that want to manage their content effectively. It allows users to create, edit, store, share and publish content easily to their prospects or customers, without having to be technical experts.


  1. With content automation, you can personalize content at scale without any manual work needed. 


    And perhaps most importantly, an advanced and intuitive content automation tool (like Pitcher) allows you to track and measure your sales content on an ongoing basis. 


Pitcher content automation


    1. Get feedback on your presentations

    Many sales professionals believe that a lack of feedback on their presentations means that they are effective pitches. Unfortunately, it usually means that they are ineffective presentations given on outdated platforms. A lack of feedback on documents during customer presentations can also prevent sales and marketing professionals from identifying which communications or channels generate the most sales.


    2. Always show the right content at the right time

    Pitcher is one single solution that is designed and built for productivity, allowing users to make on-the-go adjustments to presentations and content flow based on customer behavior. The content is even capable of adapting itself in real-time as the presentation proceeds for a truly interactive and dynamic sales presentation experience for both the field sales professional and their potential customers.

    With our content automation platform (which can easily be integrated into your existing systems, such as your CRM), you can be sure that you always show the right content at the right time. Reps select the relevant content, task and action quickly and easily for each selling moment.

    With Pitcher, this capability is also available offline – so when reps are online again, your Pitcher updates automatically. Finally, there is no lag time (waiting for content to update, etc.). Our responsive solution makes for a smooth user experience overall.

    You’ll know what works and what doesn’t as you can capture your customer’s sentiment on a slide level with our patented sentiment technology, so you will know exactly which content your customers liked and can produce more of it.

    3. Create personalized content that is always compliant

    Pitcher’s document automation connects multiple data sources to generate personalized content tailored to your specific audiences. Customer-facing teams can engage clients through automated and personalized digital sales aids and content recommendations that incorporate customer-specific information. The best thing? It’s all connected to your CRM.

    In highly regulated environments such as life sciences and financial services, content must follow certain compliance rules.

  5. With Pitcher, you pre-select what you want to show, so you only show compliant digital content, targeted and personalized for your prospects.


    4. Cloud-based, automatic conversion engine saves time and money

    With our cloud-based, automatic conversion engine, Content Conversion Engine (CCE), your team can easily convert and update your content into the file format you need, without relying on an agency to manage your content for you (much quicker and more cost-effective!).

    It allows your team to deploy marketing collateral using simple drag and drop tools, enabling self-service content management and low total cost of ownership. The CCE, which is unique to Pitcher, allows enterprises to be more agile and flexible with content creation, distribution and consumption.

    CCE runs on Pitcher Cloud and can generate HTML5-compliant files from the file types you use everyday (.ppt, .pptx, .key, .pdf, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mp3, .wav, .mpeg, docx, xlsx) saving you precious time and money while still giving you the ability to keep the content updated and effective.


    5. Simple, robust and fast content delivery

    For the content manager, Pitcher CCE takes the complexity of “is this file going to work on version X of tablet Y?” off the table. Even for files like PPT and Keynote, CCE generates HTML5 output and even enables them to be edited further via Pitcher Admin (our CMS). This way, the marketing department or agency can save hours, if not days, on standard content and can get a head start on delivery.

    Pitcher supports two types of content. First, there’s the fast-food approach. This is where existing content – like Powerpoint, PDFs, Keynote files, and web pages – is dragged and dropped and is immediately available to the field. This type of content is produced using conventional tools and is less costly and easier to maintain.

    However, the value of using content as a sales aid in this way, ‘as is’, is consistently declining. By using Pitcher, reps can create custom flows from parts or all of the existing content, thereby creating a tailored customer experience. Using native extensions to Pitcher, content creators may take the detail aids beyond even HTML5 interaction and animations, by developing 3D visualizations, complex simulators and much more thanks to the Pitcher Native API.


    6. Control flexibility for the field sales force

    Pitcher back-end users can govern the level of flexibility of the field sales force in tailoring the corporate content in their own mobile devices. On one hand, reps may be given the right to slice and dice a custom presentation from multiple presentations, trim videos, or prepare the custom flow and custom data within their presentation either just before or during the visit. On the other hand, Pitcher can provide suggestions on the presentation flow based on existing CRM data (segmentation, previous content, answers to surveys, etc.) or back-end users can completely lock the flow for a standardized pitch every time.


    7. Real-time content insights based on performance 

    Understand your seller and buyer behavior, online and offline, with our built-in performance, analytics and reporting tool.

    With Pitcher Analytics, you’ll get segmented reports showing what content has been used or viewed the most, by whom and what actions prospects take after interacting with the content. As a result, you can understand which customer interactions with your content drive your conversion.


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