Automated Sales Enablement

Sell smarter – onboard your reps quicker – deliver the right message for every conversation.

Let’s face the hard facts: the Internet has turned our lives upside down. As vendors in this new virtual reality, capturing the attention of our B2B customers rests on perhaps a few seconds of hitting the collective audience between the eyes with a riveting message. Don’t stick your head in the sand; don’t pretend that a compelling majority of your prospective customers want you in their face all the time. Most (over 60%) opt to select their short list of vendors before the direct interaction, or indeed even hit their final preferences through digital navigation. Instead, embrace this paradigm to turn prospects into new customers quickly and seamlessly.

Pitcher, a leader, and innovator in the field of single enterprise-grade platforms is upfront with information that can give you cause to U-turn your sales and marketing program: the modern B2B buyer certainly wants to engage you digitally or personally but, that said, is looking for a differentiated buyer journey -a better personalized buyer experience. The more complex, risky and potentially costly the buying decision is, the greater are your chances of getting yourself right into the mix. So let’s start off with what clients are not looking for:

  • They no longer want the boring or traditional presentation, neatly enclosed in a folder
  • Riding on the standard pitch that they’ve heard umpteen times before
  • With stock content that looks staged and the furthest thing from buyer expectations linking to applicable solutions, buyer experiences, brand relevancy, and data-driven recommendations.

Pre Sales Planning-1

The vendor secret to success in this highly competitive environment (stretching across virtual and physical dimensions), lies in employing automated sales enablement to help your buyers buy faster and smarter, and above all with confidence in you as their coach or mentor. This digitized, integrative platform will quickly gear you up to structure your content and deliver it in a meaningful way by stamping customization on the presentation from end-to-end. We are talking here of inserting customer logos, icons, pertinent backgrounds and brand images in every aspect of the comprehensive message. Taking it further, the focus can shift this relevancy and pertinence from product line to product line or even laser aim it at one product or brand: all in real time, and in a way that resonates with your sales team looking for realistically commissionable results.

Of course, when engaging most B2B buyers, ROI is raised in one-way or another. They are expecting you to deliver fast value or at least carve out the quickest time to a meaningful value proposition. In short, give them viable solutions in a unique way that connects to exceeding ROI targets. What is needed here is an all-in-one technology (i.e., Automated Sales Enablement) that contains seamless ROI calculators and quote configurators; that will allow you in parallel to navigate to customer customized representations in an unforced, smooth manner. It all spells Customer Connection that should make a demonstrable difference: drive your sales; motivate a more efficient and effective sales team; optimize the sales cycle and last, but not least, unite your marketing and sales in ways you have never imagined.

To find out more on your next decisive step toward mastering B2B engagement, contact Pitcher. We are in the business of defining the way sales managers, marketing professionals, and field reps engage and interact with your customers. We integrate complex solutions into a single, intuitive piece of sales enablement software to empower our users to be more productive and more profitable.