Silhouette emotionalizes its brands at the point of sale, with Pitcher for sales enablement


Silhouette International Schmied AG is a global manufacturer of premium eyewear headquartered in Austria, with 14 international distribution companies. Silhouette eyewear is available in over 100 countries under the company’s 3 brands: Silhouette, evil eye sport and NEUBAU EYEWEAR.


Situation and challenges

The company has a central global marketing team and a local distribution network.

Silhouette’s strategic sales management team were looking to replace its in-house application to:

  • Emotionalize the four brands throughout the buyer journey including the point of sales.
  • Optimize sales process and close the marketing loop.
  • One custom solution to fit four brands and 14 distribution companies across 19 countries in various languages.
  • Optimize retail execution, including channel analysis.
  • Combine global content management with local adaptation.
  • Integrate Silhouette’s highly customized and complex Salesforce CRM.
  • Execute and fulfill compliance requirements to comply with local data protection regulations.


Key results

The Pitcher Super App has been implemented and rolled out in 14 international distribution countries, with various user interfaces and a multilingual set-up for the four brands.

  • All-in-one sales enablement solution, from content management to retail execution, ordering and training.
  • Flexible user interfaces, multilingual set-up and local adaptability.
  • Enabling field reps to become brand ambassadors by means of consistent and personalized content delivery to underpin their storytelling. Sales training and sentiment tracking included.
  • Successful integration of the highly customized Salesforce CRM.
  • Individual solutions for different data protection regulations and tracking.
  • Improvement in field sales execution and content delivery, with offline functionalities.
  • Increase in efficiency due to stock checks as well as implementing the external ordering process within Pitcher’s user interface.

The Pitcher team responded to our customer-specific needs in a highly flexible and targeted manner. Mrs. Kunz was our single point of contact and made even the difficult things seems easy: we rolled out the Pitcher Super App at the same time as a new CRM system, so internally, there was a lot to do. Pitcher is a professional, reliable and effective partner