Quality of HCP interactions increased and reduced printed costs by 70%*

Quality of HCP interactions increased and reduced printed costs by 70%*

One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Middle East with global operations sells licensed generic medicines. Since 2016 over 1000 representatives in 13 countries relies on Pitcher every day. 


Situation & Challenges

Before Pitcher, the company used various pieces of software and systems for its commercial teams and had no suite for sales enablement. The front-line field force and the commercial back-office teams were facing three main challenges:

1. Content production and deployment:
Inflexible and expensive printed collateral for interactions between the field force and customers. The field sales reps were using expensive printed marketing collateral for up to 10 visits with different doctors, pharmacies and other healthcare providers each day.

Content was not engaging enough, resulting in short visits. Audience had little time available for field visits, engage them sufficiently was a challenge. In addition, Sales reps were wasting valuable time before, during and after their meetings with doctors and providers to search for the right content and prepare the meeting. 

According to the Forrester Pitcher Impact study 2020, costs were reduced by around 71.5% thanks to a higher distribution of digital assets.

2. No offline capabilities for field force execution.
Legacy CRM did not work offline. As a result, sales reps had no choice but to enter all sample information and data related to the sales visit, as well as carrying out order management, at the end of the day, after visits had taken place. This reduced the accuracy and quality of reporting, lacking compliant information.

3. Time-consuming analogue ordering process.
Order placement during visits was a demanding process and required manual work (often paperwork). It took up to two days for the order to reach the stock or production teams.


With Pitcher Super App, the company tackled all three challenges launching two main initiatives:

1. Align sales & marketing, integrating the existing Oracle CRM: 

Setting up a seamless closed-loop marketing solution CLM.

With Pitcher, the company digitizes its commercial processes as well as all content management for sales execution. Field sales reps can now benefit from an easy-to-use single point of data entry and a multitude of offline functions. 

Marketing teams enable field reps to show interactive, attractive and engaging content to customers improving meetings crucially. This resulted in HCP dedicating more time to field reps. The legal aspects are also covered as all documents shown or left with the customer, such as brochures and samples, are automatically registered and tracked through the Pitcher app.

Pitcher’s solution also enabled company to make enormous cost savings from former print materials. «It was amazing when we started noticing the pay-back. Since then, we have saved 70% on printing costs.»

2. Increase commercial excellence streamlining field force execution, stock checks and sales tracking: 

Previous ordering process, which was analog, inflexible and time-consuming, did not allow for sales tracking. Sales reps can now place orders directly, using their tablets during their visits, which saves a lot of time.

With Pitcher, the company is now able to track indirect sales via wholesalers too, making it much easier to follow up on these sales. This results in more precise data and increased visibility. 

With sample management integrated with Salesforce, the company now also has a clear view of expiration dates and product returns. Sales reps can easily follow up on these products or draw the customer’s attention to approaching expiration dates to stop them from returning expired products. Once again, this has led to enormous cost savings.


Pitcher is a leading global technology provider for sales enablement and customer engagement.

Since 2011, the Pitcher Super App for sales enablement has been serving Fortune 500 customers in more than 140 countries. Its dedicated teams of technology and marketing experts are at the forefront of digital sales and multi-channel customer experiences in the life science, consumer goods, manufacturing and financial service industries among others. 

Pitcher offers an end-to-end solution that integrates with Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and many more. And we truly believe that an intuitive technology is key to elevate customer excellence while increasing the effectiveness of commercial operations.