Pitcher in the virtual communication space: easily develop, manage and publish content to boost user adoption of a legacy content management system

The PITCHER CONNECT ePLAYER was implemented for the customer within 12 weeks. It was integrated with the company’s global professional portal, tested and approved by the customer even before the envisioned time frame.

Interaction data could now be leveraged via Pitcher’s analysis and insights modules to understand authenticated HCPs’ behavior. Customer data could be directly retrieved and fed to the corporate CRM system. Traffic data of anonymous, unauthenticated users could be used for sales and marketing objectives.

A centralized approach to develop, manage and publish content like interactive presentations, brochures, documents and videos has been applied using Pitcher Admin (the Pitcher content management system).

Tagging content to fully understand customer interests and cross-analyze topics with customer engagement has now become an easy task for content managers compared with before, when all content had to be painstakingly tagged by the agency developers and programmers. With Pitcher, the process could be made semi-automatic, feeding all keyword data directly into the company’s BI tool.

One of the major benefits that the company has noticed enthusiastically is the easy re-use of legacy content which was developed for the previous platform and other tablet-based systems. This has saved significant funds which can now be used to improve messaging and interactivity since PITCHER CONNECT ePLAYER allows agencies and creative directors to concentrate on the content and not the technology. As of today, the company has rolled out the Pitcher solution in over 40 global markets and 20 different languages and reports that the decline in visitors has been reversed.

Pitcher configured these parameters for the proposed solution and could deliver its out-of-the-box product, the PITCHER CONNECT ePLAYER, which fulfilled all the requirements.

A top three global pharmaceutical company that had been active in multichannel marketing (MCM) for many years encountered an issue with its existing self-guided detailing solution. User adoption and the volume of customers visiting its professional medical portal were declining.

It became clear that the pharmaceutical medical community was accustomed to first-class user experience and sophisticated, interactive presentations with scientifically relevant content. It turned out that the relevance of the content itself seemed to be on the same level or even better than the company’s competitors. However, the content’s mode of delivery no longer met modern requirements. The platform seemed outdated as it couldn’t play content on both modern mobile devices and desktop computers, and it was too inflexible to provide interactive, engaging content for the company’s customers.

The pharmaceutical industry had adopted digital marketing and virtual communications early, specifically for tablet and web-based interactive communication with customers. Tablet detailing, self-guided detailing, remote virtual detailing, hybrid sales rep concepts – these channels have been part of the digital marketing mix for many years.

The challenge for this market-leading pharma company was that the flexible, dynamic, and versatile media player solution, which the company needed to integrate with its professional web portal, proved too difficult for its current platform vendor to provide.