Private Banking: transparent compliance-related issues and higher brand image

Pitcher allows RMs to easily carry all of their fully-updated materials securely on their iPads. Whether online or offline, presentations addressing diverse client needs and in various languages are always available at their fingertips without any extra steps needed. Additional real-time market data and trends, together with key facts can be easily accessed at any times, simply by clicking on a quote or currency in a slide.

For even better customer experience, RM can customize available materials even further. As an example – slides from various presentations can be combined into customer-specific presentation sets, based on client interests and available time.

During the presentation, each participant can be handed an iPad. Using the remote control and additional features, such as highlighting, annotating and drawing; the RM can manage the presentation and ensure a smooth and seamless interaction with the customer.

Compliance-related issues are transparently handled by Pitcher. Based on geographical location, only the content which was approved for that region by compliance may be accessed. All required disclaimers and local stock market data are available based on Geo-locations. Furthermore, new content can be pushed from headquarters and existing content can wiped out remotely, or set to expire at a specific time.

Most importantly, the use of new technologies by the bank has been well received by clients. It gives them the impression that the bank is future oriented, which has had an extremely positive impact on their corporate image.

The rollout was developed and implemented in less than 1 month, well ahead of the client’s schedule.

A major Swiss-based private bank uses a sophisticated dashboard system to collect and combine financial information in order to produce customized presentations, tailored to the exact needs, interests and risk profiles of their clients. Despite having such a great tool, Relationship Managers (RMs) were not able to use it efficiently, because the output had to be e-mailed or printed out. They were going to client meetings with a thick stack of dashboard printouts and additional brochures. Market data that was being presented was frequently out of date. And it was difficult to address the various interests and the pace requests of family members, especially during multigenerational meetings. As a result, presentations to clients came across as stale and disorganized.

The compliance department raised additional concerns. When presenting to different type of clients in different languages, countries and jurisdictions, numerous strict regulations had to be followed, making production and control of presentation material extremely difficult to manage.