Multichannel marketing for SENSIS: the best of face-to-face and remote selling to engage customers through insights

Sensis’ field and telesales reps are now able to use the same interactive content for all customers. Due to the integration of Pitcher with the company’s CRM system, the content is responsive and updated depending on which customer the rep is meeting with. And every single interaction is now documented. Once the meeting has begun, progress will be recorded. This means that a rep in the field can begin a presentation and then a telesales rep can contact the same customer and pick up the presentation at the same place. Within one month of rolling out PITCHER CONNECT, Sensis was able to stop five of its clients from ending their contracts, and this was due to the personalized presentations being given by the telesales team.

Configuring a Windows-based sales enablement tool to create a unified collaborative selling platform that's driven by dynamic content was the key success factor in the launch of Pitcher.

Sensis is an Australian advertising and directories business that provides marketing services to the Australian market. Sensis’ history goes as far back as the creation of the first telephone book in 1880. The company launched the world’s first online directory in 1994, signaling its intent to be a digital innovator. Sensis has a wide range of products and services, most of which can be customized to meet the customer’s needs.


Sensis was aware that to successfully engage Australian businesses, it needed to offer a personalized approach to selling, regardless of whether the interaction was face-to-face or through one of its telesales teams. Customers were becoming dissatisfied when reps engaged them using generic data, and they definitely didn’t want to go through the same sales pitch they had heard numerous times before. The field teams were lacking information on their previous interactions with the customer and could not update the CRM system until they were back in the office, preventing telesales reps from operating with the most up-to-date information.


When customers tried to discontinue their services, Sensis spent most of the time trying to gain insights that explained why they were leaving. They were, therefore, unable to show customers the benefits they could gain by staying. For such a large market, it was important to have a tool that worked for both in-office sales teams and reps in the field, allowing them to give every customer a key account experience.