Commercial real estate: engaging content is key for customer acquisition and engagement

The firm realized that it could also create customized ‘leave behind’ materials to provide information about the space it was leasing. Materials are shared directly from the team’s iPads which track interest levels (detailed insight reports on the usage of the material shared) even after the meeting. And it realized that through a centrally controlled solution, it could streamline customer-facing activities and minimize the time it takes to prepare and present key marketing materials. The business also realized that by using Pitcher on mobile devices, the investment could be maximized and the usage of these devices could be extended to more than just email, browser and calendar applications.

If the client showed interest but was not certain about the location of the property, again with one click they were able to access interactive drone footage to preview the surroundings of the property.

This commercial real estate firm is one of the leading owners, developers, operators and fund managers of first-class real estate in 44 markets, 12 countries and four continents. Many of the most prestigious multinational corporations and discerning residents rely on this firm to meet their space needs. The firm has 1,470 real estate professionals and support staff worldwide.

Its extensive network integrates acquisitions development, design construction, leasing and property management. Before Pitcher, the team was using paper brochures to promote its portfolio, and it became clear that a platform was needed that would not only portray a premier image when presenting but would also streamline content usage and enhance interactions with clientele.