MSD commercial trade channels: a significant improvement in sales performance

MSD CTC reports significant improvements in sales performance due to streamlined and automated processes compared to the company’s previous approach which was based on the use of email and manual/Excel sheets.

In the aforementioned markets, where it’s common for pharmacies to switch to competing products, product awareness has increased and sales reps had become more effective and efficient. This has resulted in fewer switches to generic products, and in some cases, switches from branded competitors of MSD to MSD. In addition, order turnaround times have gotten much shorter and client satisfaction at pharmacies is much higher, since pharmacy SKU could be serviced immediately and delivery errors reduced. And sales reps really like using Pitcher.


Through IMS data, MSD had access to data on their sales performance in emerging markets prior to implementing Pitcher. Upon connection with Pitcher Insight, they were able to improve their reporting on emerging markets and have since established that Pitcher helped them boost their sales dramatically. In sheer numbers, the value of transfer orders being collected tripled in the last month of the previous year.

The rollout across 10+ markets with localized sales models for each market was successfully completed in less than four months.

In addition to the standard Pitcher platform, three custom UIs were included in the final project to meet MSD’s needs.

The implementation took four months and covered 10+ markets, including Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and the UAE. Pitcher worked alongside local agencies to develop the necessary content for the presentations.

MSD needed four Pitcher modules: Impact, Admin, Insight, and Sales in order to fulfill all aspects of their fundamental requirements. The out-of-the-box integration with RoamBI was extremely beneficial as Pitcher Insight analytics were combined into one offline tablet tool from different sources (eDetailing, order collection, and IMS Rx fulfillment data).