IBSA boosts its sales performance and drives customer engagement through insights

About IBSA

IBSA is the largest owner-managed pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, and ranks among the country’s top 25 pharmaceutical companies, with a revenue of approximately 65 million CHF.

IBSA was Pitcher’s first customer, and the company still relies on Pitcher’s sales enablement platform for its commercial operations. We have enjoyed a long and trusted partnership since 2011.


IBSA’s vision

In 2011, IBSA’s Head of Swiss Business Operations, Malesa Sidjanski, was looking for an e-detailing solution to better engage his customers. He was seeking a flexible, digital presentation kit to give faster and more powerful multimedia presentations during HCP visits.


We had been using Veeva for six months, but we’ve replaced it with Pitcher. Their e-detailing and analytics solution helped us to realize our vision of becoming a data-driven organization. We have grown from 23 MIO to 65 MIO in ten years.

Pitcher’s solution and key results

  • IBSA has finally been able to drive customer engagement using insights and gather deep insights into all sales activities.
  • The quality of meetings has been improved and physicians and pharmacists are more attentive, resulting in better engagement rates.
  • Deep insights into all sales actions through visit tracking, sentiment tracking for remote and face-to-face content as well as sample management.
  • Reporting is of a higher quality. Thanks to Pitcher, many activities are tracked automatically, online and offline. Sales reps are able to enter missing details on the goto deliver information that is almost real-time.
  • The time sales reps spend on administrative tasks is minimized.
  • Printing costs have been significantly reduced thanks to digital and personalized sales digital aids which are always up to date and can be quickly adjusted.
  • Successful integration of the industry-standard CRM to permit offline access.