Close Loop Marketing: Improve performance of sales and marketing teams after demanding joint venture

Time to market was crucial for Abdi Ibrahim and with no custom work required except the user interface implementation time for the sales reps from the Otsuka JV took only two weeks. The market in Kazakhstan was covered in 4 and Turkey has just closed the first two of 5 rollout waves.

Due to the high amount of end-users it was essential for Abdi to have sufficient support for an Android and iPad tablet-mixed environment. Efficient and detailed training ensured that very little support was needed from the Pitcher support team. The feedback from the field was that the product was easy to use and made the sales process more interactive.

Most importantly, the use of new technologies was well received by clients and first metric results showed that sales reps gained about two hours in time-savings every day. This didn’t necessarily result in more executed client visits but increased the overall efficiency and quality of the visits drastically.

Leveraging Pitcher’s Conversion Engine and Intuitive User Experience, the companies were able to deploy all users in less then 2 months across all markets.

Abdi Ibrahim
Abdi Ibrahim, a major Turkish generics manufacturer has a large salesforce, but they felt they were not maximizing its efficiency. They were going to customers with paper brochures for 250 products from 150 different brands which made it difficult to quickly answer spontaneous questions. Information kept changing and their sales material was becoming outdated. Sales reps were spending considerable time and effort to keep their visual aids and customer information updated instead of fully focusing on their core competence: sales.

Abdi Ibrahim Otsuka
With the announcement of the joint-venture between Abdi Ibrahim and Japanese pharmaceuticals company Otsuka for the Turkish market the sales palette got even more complex with additional products and an additional dedicated field force for the Otsuka team from Abdi Ibrahim. In addition Otsuka sales reps were equipped with iOS devices opposed to Abdi Ibrahim’s field force which was running on Android based devices.

To ensure smooth collaboration and central management in a multi-device environment and granular analytics, Abdi Ibrahim was looking for a flexible platform that could help them tackle their challenges.