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"With our truly global footprint, flexible work options, and focus on driving innovation, we offer much more for your career."

Miriam Delaney, Global People Operations

Our Recruiting Process Is Straightforward and Brief

Pitcher Recruiting Process

Perks and Benefits

Work Where You Like

Do you prefer to work from home? We have a remote mindset – many of our employees to, while many choose to join us in our offices. It’s up to you. We value your work, not where you do it.

Woman sitting on a deck conducting a sales consultation call.

Work-life Balance

We truly believe that to work hard, you need to enjoy time outside of the office in nature and exercising. These things are vital to our employees’ satisfaction. We encourage team members to take time off so they can stay healthy and come back refreshed and fully charged.

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Your Birthday is a Holiday

We celebrate your special day by wishing you a fabulous day off.

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Refer-a-Friend Employee Incentive

We build our future on stable, long-term relationships. We value employee referrals as part of our cultural emphasis on teamwork based on personal bonds.

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We Work Globally, and Locally

We respect the cultural norms of every country in the Picture ecosystem. This value extends to our benefits – we build in additional benefits that match expectations in each country.

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